Saturday, April 2, 2011

He's aliiiiiiiiiive

Yes, I'm still alive. but haven't been blogging at all (yes, shame on me). What have I been doing? mainly working at my thankless job as a convenience store clerk and looking for other work suitable to my degree(s). I still play WoW on occasion, though I haven't done much of it in the past couple of weeks (weather, allergies and doldrums, etc. have kept me down, so all I want to do when not working is sleep. I really can't wait for spring to finally arrive and kick winter out the door until at least November. When I am playing WoW, I'm usually working on getting one of many characters levelled to 85. I have two maxed out already, Llaihr (my death knight) and Aidoann (my hunter) have made it to the top already, and I've got 2 more to 60, and the rest at 40, but climbing. The guild that I joined, "Christian Soldiers" is the best bunch of people I've encountered in that game. The GM (although a whacked out spoonhead) and his wife are truly great people, and I enjoy chatting and playing with them. The guild is laid back and relaxed, which is a nice change from the constant raiding that the last guild expected from its members. That makes it more fun, IMHO.
Sadly, this is all for this post. I must get ready for 5 hours of pure hell at work. Will try to post more on a more regular basis. (and yes, I KNOW I need to change my banner pic.)

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Sam said...

Love this blog man, keep it up :)

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