Saturday, April 2, 2011

He's aliiiiiiiiiive

Yes, I'm still alive. but haven't been blogging at all (yes, shame on me). What have I been doing? mainly working at my thankless job as a convenience store clerk and looking for other work suitable to my degree(s). I still play WoW on occasion, though I haven't done much of it in the past couple of weeks (weather, allergies and doldrums, etc. have kept me down, so all I want to do when not working is sleep. I really can't wait for spring to finally arrive and kick winter out the door until at least November. When I am playing WoW, I'm usually working on getting one of many characters levelled to 85. I have two maxed out already, Llaihr (my death knight) and Aidoann (my hunter) have made it to the top already, and I've got 2 more to 60, and the rest at 40, but climbing. The guild that I joined, "Christian Soldiers" is the best bunch of people I've encountered in that game. The GM (although a whacked out spoonhead) and his wife are truly great people, and I enjoy chatting and playing with them. The guild is laid back and relaxed, which is a nice change from the constant raiding that the last guild expected from its members. That makes it more fun, IMHO.
Sadly, this is all for this post. I must get ready for 5 hours of pure hell at work. Will try to post more on a more regular basis. (and yes, I KNOW I need to change my banner pic.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

World of Warcraft Christian Guilds (repost)

This is a repost from last year around this time. If any of these guilds are defunct, or if there are others you would like added to the list, please feel free to comment. If you're on Eldre'Thalas, and Alliance, there are two good guilds out there you might look into. The guild I belong to, Christian Soldiers, is a nice, laidback social guild, while Eternity Matters focuses more on the raiding aspect of the game. If you are on another server, feel free to peruse the list to see if there are any on your realms.

List of Christian World of Warcraft guilds

US Europe

if anyone knows of any others, please feel free to make a note.
Yes, I'm back from lurkage mode, and after 3 long years of studying, I have finally attained my highest goal to date. Last night, I graduated from Erie Business Center with my Associates Degree in Accounting (so, I got my IT degree last year, you might think, so what's the big deal?) Well, for the first time in my life, I proved to myself that with added effort and concentration, I *COULD* in fact, graduate with the highest honors possible, Summa Cum Laude. Granted, it just squeaked in there at a 3.81, but it was worth every bit of added effort to get that. I passed all of my Accounting courses with solid A's, and only had one B+ this time around (that was because my car broke down the day before one of my psychology tests over the summer, and I got a C on that test). Now that school is finished, the real test begins... finding a suitable job in the field. please keep this in your prayers, as I'll be starting the hunt as early as next week.

So, hopefully, I'll be able to resume posting on here, now that I have more time to do other things. Been playing a bit of WoW since the expansion came out, and have found it interesting, and a bit hard to get around, but I'll get used to it. Having fun on my 2 worgen as well.

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